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Table 1 Typologies of incubators

From: Toward a typology of incubators based on HRM

Authors Classification criteria Typologies
Carayannis and Von Zedtwitz (2005) The strategic aims of incubators Regional incubators
von Zedtwitz and Grimaldi (2006) University incubators
von Zedtwitz (2003) Virtual incubators
Independent commercial incubators
Incubators internal to businesses
Grimaldi and Grandi (2005) Objectives of incubators, with a historical dimension Centers of innovation
University incubators
Private business incubators
Private independent incubators
Aernoudt (2004) Objectives of incubators, with a historical dimension Mixed incubators
Economic development incubators
Technological incubators
Social incubators
Fundamental research incubators
Albert et al. (2003) Multi-criteria: finality pursued, dominant activities in the projects, objectives, etc. Economic development incubators
Academic and scientific incubators
Business incubators
   Private investment incubators