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Table 2 Motivational variables

From: Examining the differences between the motivations of traditional and entrepreneurial scientists

Motivational factors
Development-driven motivations
M1—to collect industrial feedback on the applicability of my invention
M2—to ensure an ecosystem that is more flexible than the university for the further development of my invention
Finance-driven motivations
M3—to increase my personal income from my entrepreneurial activities
M4—to obtain financial resources for further research
Reputation-driven motivations
M5—to increase my scientific reputation through entrepreneurship
M6—to increase my social reputation through entrepreneurship
M7—to demonstrate the practical relevance of my research to family/friends
Commercialization-driven motivations
M8—to ensure direct control over the commercialization of my invention
M9—to benefit society with my invention
Job security-driven motivations
M10—to secure jobs for young researchers at my spin-off company
M11—to secure a job if my university position is terminated
  1. Source: authors’ compilation