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Table 2 Summary of the sample and qualitative tools according to study area

From: Are we ready to adopt mobile money in non-profit sector?

Projects names No. of FGD No. of IDI Respondents
1. Adolescent saving project (ADP) 3 12 ADP club member, and program organizer, branch account officer
2. Schooling, SRHRG and Counseling for the Children of Post-Primary Education (SSCOPE) 3 9 Parents, teachers, and program organizer
3. (nearly) Cashless branch - 7 Program organizer, branch account officer, and beneficiaries
4. Mobile micro-insurance 2 11 Microfinance borrower, program organizer, branch account officer, and branch manager
5. Community health worker mobile payments 3 11 Community health workers (locally called as Shastho Sebika, Shastho Kormi), program organizer, and Upazila manager