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Table 2 Cases

From: Leadership in innovation projects: an illustration of the reflective practitioner and the relation to organizational learning

Main target of the project leader’s reflective practice Organization and innovation project
1. Project leader Team01 project: get stakeholders on board Team01 is an R&D team in the dairy industry; the project is a co-innovation with another company aimed to develop a specific substance as an ingredient for food products.
2. Project leader Team06: continuous impact management Team06 is an R&D team of a food and care products producer. The project was set up to use (deploy) a new product much faster than normal. In this project, there were no critical incidents, only limited incidents, but there were several high risks of critical incidents.
3. Project leader Team17: redesign the product Team17 is an R&D team of a company producing automated material handling systems. This team’s project was to develop an automatic detection system of human beings by measuring body form and the body heath.
  1. The 18 teams are anonymized for privacy reasons