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Table 3 Correlations between the independent variables and the number of Skattefunn projects per 100 relevant firms in the 89 labour market areas

From: Do general innovation policy tools fit all? Analysis of the regional impact of the Norwegian Skattefunn scheme

Independent variable Pearson’s r
Industrial structure and dynamics
 Location quotients (LQ) in relevant industries 2008 0.35**
 Relative employment growth (all sectors) 2003–08 0.23*
 Relative growth in number of establishments (all sectors) 2003–08 0.15–
 Proportion of workforce in employment 2008 0.11–
Intramural R&D activities
 R&D activity 2008 per establishment 0.23*
 R&D activity 2008 per 1000 employees 0.24*
 Share of R&D employees 2012 0.20–
Innovation activity
 Share of firms with product and process innovations 2008–10 0.30 **
Clustering and structure of regional innovation systems
 Number of cluster projects supported by Innovation Norway, 2015 0.27*
 Number of knowledge development organisations, 2015 0.21*
 Innovation infrastructure, 2015 0.28**
Educational level
 Share of population with short (<4 years) period of higher education 0.04–
 Share of population with long period of higher education 0.06–
  1. * p < .05; ** p < .01 ; For further information on the variables and the data sources, see Appendix.