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Table 2 Innovation ideas that derived from the formal innovation training

From: Can formal innovation training improve group- and organizational-level innovativeness in a healthcare setting?

Idea Description of the idea Extent implemented
1 Smaller units for elderly with dementia (with shielding protection needs)—units sue too large now b
2 Changes in planning daily routines and tasks between day- and nighttime nurses c
3 Have open dinner hours for 1–2 h to improve patients’ appetite and to have less chaos in the dining room b
4 Facilitate the receipt of patients with different backgrounds, today we are not prepared for more a
5 Better estimates of food needs, waste less food c
6 A more active use of PPS b
7 Patient summary or overview completed in advance c
8 Improve interdisciplinary (across department) collaboration b
  1. aDiscussed
  2. bSelected and development in progress
  3. cImplemented and diffused