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Table 1 Main differences across the Tel-Aviv, São Paulo, and New York startup ecosystems

From: A maturity model for software startup ecosystems

  Tel-Aviv São Paulo New York
Country size Very small Continental Continental
Country independence years 68 194 240
% GDP to R&D 4.2%Footnote

OECD Entrepreneurship at a Glance (OECD 2013)


São Paulo state data. Source: FAPESP indicators for science, technology and innovation May/14


World Bank Data for USA in 2013 -

Ranking position (2012/2015/2017)Footnote

Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking (Herrmann et al. 2015; Startup Genome 2017)

2/5/6 13/12/– 5/2/2
Metropolitan GDP (Billion US$) 132 431 1,558
Startups 3.1k–4.2k 1.5k–2.7k 7.1k–9.6k
Startup density 0.85–1.15 0.05–0.15 0.35–0.5
Market foreign customers 74% 18% 35%
Startups with tech founders 100% 81% 100%
Ecosystem maturity level Self-sustainable Evolving Self-sustainable