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Table 4 Normative strategies and associated pressures

From: Emerging health technology firms’ strategies and their impact on economic and healthcare system actors: a qualitative study

Normative strategies
 • Increase formal signals (e.g., studies, approbations) along a heightened response rate to customers and stakeholder demands;
 • Develop practices through which new members are engaged and socialized, and new standards in the external environment incorporated into routines and pre-existing development and market models;
 • Go early as possible with regulatory approvals, even if it is not mandatory.
In reaction to
 The need for quality data
  • Lack of data often afflicts health technologies, when compared for example to pharmaceuticals;
  • Guidelines very rarely mention a specific product, leaving potential profits benefit all market players;
  • “We would like physicians to have the reflex of assessing the relevance of technology, to question, to adopt a critical perspective”;
  • Problem to gain access to medical settings to accelerate the development.