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Table 4 Phase success rates (%) used for modelling

From: A novel valuation model for medical intervention development based on progressive dynamic changes that integrates Health Technology Assessment outcomes with early-stage innovation and indication-specific clinical success rates

 GenericIndication-specific CVD*Indication-specific Endo/Meta*
Phase III626254
Phase II364340
Phase I59.524652
  1. *Latest: combination of Wong, Siah, and Lo clinical phases and NICE registration data
  2. Stage-specific transition success rates for medical intervention development obtained from publications by DiMasi, Sertkaya or Wong et al. Values indicate generic success rates by phase or latest indication-specific success rates by phase. The latest CVD and latest Endo/Meta correspond to the Cardiovascular and Endocrinological/Metabolic corresponds to the average of 11 years of data indicated in the supplementary material of Wong et al. (2018), with the registration rate corresponding to the UK NICE latest figures