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Table 1 Participant data

From: From invention to industry from a social movement perspective: the emergence of the 3D printing industry

Participant Occupation Gender Background Organization
AB Owner/inventor M Engineer/academic (retired) RepRap
CO Additive manufacturing engineer F Engineer LAI International
CL CMO/CEO (former) F Marketing and sales professional 3D Systems/Desktop Factory
CP Self-employed/sculptor/product designer M Designer Pardell
DG VP business development M Engineer 3D Hubs
DL Chief investment officer M Investment advisor 3D Tech Plus
HC CEO/VP F Engineer Stratonics
JM 3D printing historian/physicist M Engineer Layer Grown Model L.L.C
MN President M Management Fabrisonic
MV Founder/CEO M Engineer 3Degrees
NT Founder/general manager F Management Women in 3D Printing/Sculpteo
RG Creative director/experiential technologist M Designer Son.Im
SG Editor in chief F Journalist 3D
SC Owner/inventor M Engineer Stratasys
SH Owner F Fashion designer Heisel