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Table 3 Top 10 of the most cited papers of the research corpus

From: Theoretical background of innovation in services in small and medium-sized enterprises: literature mapping

Title Authors Citation Objective
Service innovation and performance in SMEs McDermott and Prajogo, 2012 36 Examine the relationship between innovation in exploration and business performance in SMEs
The innovative model of the Virtual Development Office for collaborative networked enterprises: the GPT network case study Saetta, Tiacci and Cagnazzo, 2013 19 Apply a management model with the structure of the Virtual Development Office (VDO) in SMEs
Antecedents of Service Innovation in SMEs: Comparing the Effects of External and Internal Factors Prajogo and McDermott, 2014 17 Examine empirically the organizational factors associated with innovation guidelines in SMEs
Effects of SME collaboration on R&D in the service sector in open innovation Suh and Kim, 2012 15 Analyze the effects of collaborative activities of SMEs of services in the context of open innovation
You can lead a firm to R&D but can you make it innovate? UK evidence from SMEs Cowling, 2016 14 Question the adoption of tax credits by SMEs and the increase of innovations
Effectuation, innovation and performance in SMEs: an empirical study Roach, Ryman and Makani, 2016 13 Proposed a scale for measuring innovation
A practical perspective on the classification of service innovations Hsieh et al., 2013 13 Investigated academic classifications of service innovation
Inter-organizational information systems adoption for service innovation in building sector Chaparro-Peláez, Pereira-Rama and Pascual-Miguel, 2014 11 Identify the factors that influence the adoption of Interorganizational Information Systems in SMEs to promote more service innovation
Are trademark counts a valid indicator of innovation? Results of an in-depth study of new Benelux trademarks filed by SMEs Flikkema, De Man and Castaldi, 2014 10 Expand the emerging literature on the value of brands for innovation studies in SMEs
Determinants of absorptive capacity: contrasting manufacturing vs services enterprises Chang, Chen and Lin, 2014 9 Explore the determinants and consequent abortive capacity of resource structure in manufacturing and service industries