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Table 1 Thematic categories

From: Social capital and the diffusion of learning management systems: a case study

Category Description
Motivation to adopt Motivation to adopt involved a review of why the contexts were influenced to adopt the particular LMSs in question, focusing on a variety of factors. Five attributes of an innovation that effect adoption that were reviewed related to Rogers’ (2003) diffusion of innovations theory included (1) relative advantage, (2) compatibility, (3) complexity, (4) trialability, and (5) observability.
Decision to adopt Decision to adopt was an analysis reflecting on where the decision to employ the selected LMSs emerged within the contexts and how that decision was diffused through the contextual social environment.
Adopter categories Adopter categories involved an examination related to Rogers’ (2003) adopter categories associated with the diffusion of an innovation, including (1) innovators, (2) early adopters, (3) early majority, (4) late majority, and (5) laggards.
Implications of the adoption process Implications of the adoption process related to what discernible outcomes the adoption of the LMSs had on the contexts.