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Table 2 Standardized β coefficients reported in the literature from the components of attitude and PBC to entrepreneurial intention

From: Attitude toward entrepreneurship, perceived behavioral control, and entrepreneurial intention: dimensionality, structural relationships, and gender differences

StudyNAA → IIA → IPSE → IPC → I
Goethner et al. (2009)4960.18 to 0.320.05 to 0.06  
Farkas and Gubik (2013)5677  0.940.37
Botsaris and Vamvaka (2016)2270.630.27  
Tognazzo et al. (2017)1589  0.15 to 0.180.04 to 0.05
  1. N sample size, AA affective attitude, IA instrumental attitude, PSE perceived self-efficacy, PC perceived controllability, I intention. In the study of Farkas and Gubik (2013), the construct used to represent controllability was locus of control, while some of the items assessing self-efficacy were actually measuring entrepreneurial self-efficacy. “→” denotes standardized β coefficient