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Table 6 Reliabilities, average variances extracted, and interrelations among attitude, perceived behavioral control, and intention

From: Attitude toward entrepreneurship, perceived behavioral control, and entrepreneurial intention: dimensionality, structural relationships, and gender differences

 1. Instrumental attitude0.820.70(0.83)      
 2. Affective attitude0.860.680.75(0.82)     
Perceived behavioral control
 3. Perceived self-efficacy0.930.700.530.58(0.84)    
 4. Perceived controllability0.810.600.480.540.85(0.77)   
 5. Choice intention0.860.570.670.750.630.57(0.76)  
 6. Commitment to entrepreneurship0.950.760.570.720.590.520.69(0.87) 
 7. Nascent entrepreneurship0.880.580.430.480.430.400.470.55(0.76)
  1. SD standard deviation, α Cronbach’s alpha, AVE average variances extracted. Numbers within parentheses are the square roots of the AVEs. All correlations are significant at 0.001 level (two-tailed)