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Table 1 Main variable’s definitions

From: Factors affecting women entrepreneurs’ success: a study of small- and medium-sized enterprises in emerging market of Pakistan

S/No Variable name Definition Reference
1 Need for achievement The concept refers to an individual’s desire for achievement, while it also refers to choose and persist at activities that hold a moderate chance of success or those providing a maximum opportunity of personal achievement satisfaction Zeffane, 2013; McClelland, 1961
2 Risk-taking The degree to which managers are willing to make large and risky resource commitments, that is, those which have a reasonable chance of costly failures Miller & Friesen, 1982
3 Self-confidence Self-confidence has been defined as that it is the human feeling, which has trust in their qualities, abilities and judgment Twibell et al., 2008
4 Economic factors Economic factors refer to the set of basic information related to internal project financing and external market condition that affects the business or an ‘investment’s value Wube, 2010
5 Socio-cultural factors These factors include a combination of social and cultural factors that affect women entrepreneurs’ success Wube, 2010