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Table 5 Standardized factor loadings, validity, and reliability

From: Factors affecting women entrepreneurs’ success: a study of small- and medium-sized enterprises in emerging market of Pakistan

Contracts Estimate AVE C.R
Women entrepreneur success
 There is an increase in sales and profitability during the three last years 0.899** 0.51 0.77
 My business does not have the capacity to develop new products and processes 0.885**   
 I do not think that my business will survive and continue its activity forever 0.417*   
 I am committed with social responsibility, i.e., employing local nationals 0.820**   
 My business is offering high-quality products and services 0.485**   
 More than 50% of the profit are reinvested in the business 0.974*   
 Profits of my enterprise tend to increase 0.546**   
 The number of employees in my enterprise started to increase 0.920**   
 There is an increase in sales and profitability during the three last years 0.944**   
 I feel at ease 0.737** 0.50 0.70
 I am confident to perform well in his business take care 0.717**   
 I am concerned about these competitors in the market 0.743*   
 Our team needs to perform well. 0.611**   
 Our team is physically and mentally well prepared to complete the opposition in the market 0.623**   
 Never my team workers feel nervous during hard working 0.714**   
Need for achievement
 I always do my best whether I am alone or with someone 0.832** 0.67 0.87
 I always try hard to improve on my past performance 0.874*   
 I enjoy working towards clear, challenging goals 0.815**   
 In general, I try to make every minute count 0.891**   
 I often put pressure on myself to achieve as much as I can 0.927**   
 We seem to adopt a rather conservative view when making major decisions 0.686** 0.51 0.72
 We tend to support projects where the expected returns are certain 0.701**   
 Operations have generally followed the "tried and true" paths 0.904**   
 Our operations can be generally characterized as high risk 0.595**   
Economic factors
 My business is not offering a good product at a competitive price 0.534** 0.50 0.71
 I can’t find qualified labor for my business 0.926*   
 There is the maintenance of accurate records of sales/expense in my enterprise 0.533**   
 I am satisfied with the financial facilities given by banks and other lending institutions 0.840**   
Socio-cultural factors
 I suffer greatly from the gender discrimination caused by the culture and traditions of the society 0.652** 0.65 0.83
 The support from strong ties (spouse, parents, friends and relatives) have a positive effect on my business growth 0.899**   
 My parents have their own business 0.939**   
  1. Significant *p < .005; **p < 0.001