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Table 1 The events studied on the basis of a participant observation

From: RETRACTED ARTICLE: Social entrepreneurship and social enterprise phenomenon: toward a collective approach to social innovation in Tunisia

  Date Nature of the event Organizers Actors mobilized Theme
EEV1 May 2013 Form of the (SSE) in the Mediterranean (MedESS) Med ESS and Tunisian General Labor Union (TGLU) Presidents of associations from Mediterranean countries
General public
“Work and create quality jobs”
EEV2 September 2013 Reflection workshop GIZ Association executives “Definitions of (SE) and green entrepreneurship”
EEV3 October 2014 (SE) Forum GIZ Social entrepreneurs
Presidents of University Associations
Project managers
Local authorities
“Innovative entrepreneurship as a lever for local development”
EEV4 November 2015 Research seminar Lyon2 University - France Academics, Tunisian and French Social Entrepreneurs
SSE professionals in France and Tunisia
“Context, transferability and specificities of management tools in social and solidarity organizations”
EEV5 September 2017 Workshop University of Tsukuba-JAPAN and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Tunisian delegation of representatives of (SE) in Tunisia (Academics, incubators, microfinance directors, social entrepreneur) “Reflections on the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Tunisia and the creation of a movement for the federation of actors of (SE) in Tunisia”
EEV6 April 2018 Reflection workshops British Council Incubators, Social Entrepreneurs
Two British academics specializing in (SE)
“Tunisian social entrepreneurs: Who are we? Where are we going?”
Objectives: Creation of a movement for social entrepreneurs in Tunisia.
EEV7 May 2018 Forum Convergences Tunis Incubators, AFD, political leaders, national and international microfinance organizations, academics, social entrepreneurs ESS polarization: toward Tunisia, zero exclusion, zero carbon and zero poverty”
Objectives: SSE actors have come together to explore the potential of the SSE for inclusive, green, and sustainable growth.
EEV8 January 2019 Workshop ILO (International Labor Office) Representatives of European networks (lifelong learning platform and RIPESS Europe).
Social entrepreneurs, social actors, public sector actors, university funding actors
Introductory and reflection workshops on the ESS network in Tunisia.
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