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Table 2 Measurement and structural model validation

From: Assessing the impact of corporate entrepreneurship in the financial performance of subsidiaries of Colombian business groups: under environmental dynamism moderation

Model validity and reliability Heuristics/techniques
1 Content validity • Literature review
• Judges
2 Face validity • Pilot test
• Judges
Measurement model valuation
1 Convergent validity • Composite reliability
• Average variance extracted (AVE)
• Cronbach’s alpha
2 Internal consistency • Indicator reliability
3 Discriminant validity • Cross loads
• Fornell and Larcker (1981)
• Heterotrait-monotrait (HTMT)
Structural model valuation
1 Collinearity analysis  
2 Size and significance of path coefficients  
3 Coefficients of determination R2
4 Predictive relevance Q2
  1. Note. Adapted from (Hair et al., 2017)