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Table 6 Summary of research questions and consolidated themes

From: Environmental factors impacting the motivation to innovate: a systematic review

Research question Consolidated findings
What is found in the literature about environments that build expectations of success and self-efficacy of individual innovative behavior? Relevant experience and past success (22 sources)
 • Experience, past successes, and validation of past behaviors increase confidence in innovating
 • Mixtures of experience tended to be especially helpful
 • Training and practice in creative settings was helpful
Need supportiveness and stability (24 sources)
 • Need supportiveness improves confidence
 • Holistic views of success that considers employee well-being
 • Support from peers
 • Stability and safe place to make mistakes
What is found in the literature about environments that build subjective task values for individual innovative behavior? • No contributions within the scope
What is found in the literature about environments that mitigate the perceived costs of individual innovative behavior? Too much competition (11 sources)
 • Internal competition inhibits innovation through limiting knowledge sharing and duplication of efforts and spent resources
 • External competition can inhibit proactive behaviors
Cost mitigation (12 sources)
 • Psychologically safe environment promotes innovation
 • Safety net and health benefits make taking risks easier
Fear, pressure, and stress (21 sources)
 • Fear of failure inhibits innovation potential
 • Avoiding risk and emotional, controlling, financial, and resource pressures makes innovating more difficult