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Table 1 Model specification and variable definitions

From: Determinants of household electricity consumption in Greece: a statistical analysis

Variable Type Unit Variable Type Unit
Ave. consumption Continuous kWh/month Time spend Ordinal  
Square meters area Continuous m2 Lights: Cat. nominal  
Occupants Discrete    Never   Ref. category
Family type: Cat. nominal    Often   Dummy
 Young people   Ref. category  Sometimes   Dummy
 Family with older children   Dummy Heating type: Cat. nominal  
 Family with young children   Dummy  Central boiler   Ref. category
 Older people   Dummy  Individual cent. boiler   Dummy
Age Cat. nominal    Individual local units   Dummy
Gender:   Categorical  No heating   Dummy
 Female   Ref. category Secondary heater: Cat. nominal  
 Male   Dummy  No   Ref. category
Marital status: Cat. nominal    Yes   Dummy
 Divorced   Ref. category Heating hours Ordinal  
 Married   Dummy Cooling type: Cat. nominal  
 Single   Dummy  No air-conditioning   Ref. category
 Widowed   Dummy  Have air-conditioning   Dummy
Occupants’ work Discrete   Cooling hours: Ordinal  
Income Ordinal €/year Summer holidays: Cat. nominal  
Educational level Ordinal    Other   Ref. category
House status: Cat. nominal    I don’t take sum. hol.   Dummy
 Rent   Ref. category  July/August   Dummy
 Own   Dummy  June/September   Dummy
Dwelling type: Cat. nominal   Winter holidays: Cat. nominal  
 Block of flats   Ref. category  Other   Ref. category
 Single family house   Dummy  Christmas   Dummy
Dwelling floor Ordinal    Easter   Dummy
Rooms Ordinal    I don’t take win. hol.   Dummy
Bedrooms Ordinal   HDD   103 °C days
Model Equation
Model 1 C = β0 + β1SM + β2O + β3FM + β4A + β5G + β6MS + β7OW + β8I + β9EL + β10 + β11DT + β12R + β13B + β14TS + β15L + β16HT + β17SH + β18HH + β19CT + β20CH + β21SHol + β22WHol + β23CDD + ε
Model 2 lnC = β0 + β1SM + β2O + β3FM + β4A + β5G + β6MS + β7OW + β8I + β9EL + β10HS + β11DT + β12R + β13B + β14TS + β15L + β16HT + β17SH + β18HH + β19CT + β20CH + β21SHol + β22WHol + β23CDD
Abbreviation C consumption, SM square meters area, O occupants, FM family type, A age, G gender, MS marital status, OW occupants’ work, I income, EL educational level, HS house status, DT dwelling type, R rooms, B bedrooms, TS time spend, L lights, HT heating type, SH secondary heater, HH heating hours, CT cooling type, CH cooling hours, SHol summer holidays, WHol winter holidays, CDD cooling degrees days
  1. Note: Dummy variables take the value 1 if the variable is present at the specific dwelling and 0 if it is not