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Table 2 The Challenges Faced by IWTs by Frequency and Expected Income

From: An investigation into the livelihoods strategies of informal women traders in Zimbabwe

Type of challenge Frequency Expected outcome
Lack of Start-up capital 30 Poverty
Unpredicted weather patterns 15 Reduced income
Harsh economic conditions 30 Low income and poverty
Lack of policy and legal frameworks 10 Poor management
Limited networking opportunities 12 Economic Isolation
Increased completion among IWTs 17 Conflict and misunderstanding
Depressed consumer demand 33 Reduced product interests
Lack of proper working infrastructure 15 Burglary and products damage
Lack of proper management ethics 20 Violation of customer rights
Lack of markets to sell their produce 20 Reduced income and poverty
Lack of incentive ad subsidies 06 Apathy or reduced morale
  1. Source Analysis from in-depth interviews