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Table 3 Factors for using mobile money

From: Are we ready to adopt mobile money in non-profit sector?

Projects names Development areas Factors
1. Adolescent saving project (ADP) Adolescent Development Program (ADP) Safe, easily accessible, less work, confidentiality, detail transaction history, easy transaction, less hassle
2. Schooling, SRHRG and Counseling for the Children of Post-Primary Education (SSCOPE) Education program Easy, safe and secure, less pressure, better system, saves time, ensure timely transaction and maintain transparency, costly in case of frequent transaction
3. (nearly) Cashless branch Integrated Development Program (IDP) Time saving, need education, accuracy, less workload, transparent
4. Mobile micro-insurance Microfinance program Time saving and less physical labor, awareness, reduce chance of errors, reduce workload, transparency, convenience, safe
5. Community health worker mobile payments Health, Nutrition and Population Program (HNPP) Transparent transaction, time saving, less workforce, less travel, convenience, do not need education and awareness, need time to convince client, less physical work