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Table 1 TAM, and SAM for hypertension, blood thinning, insulin-related and non-insulin-related drugs. Figures presented are annual values

From: A novel valuation model for medical intervention development based on progressive dynamic changes that integrates Health Technology Assessment outcomes with early-stage innovation and indication-specific clinical success rates

Anti-hypertension drugs TAM: $33bn
SAM market share40%20%23%
SAM value$13.2bn$6.6bn$7.59bn
Anti-coagulant drugs TAM: $25bn
SAM market share40%30%24%
SAM value$10bn$7.5bn$6bn
Insulin-related drugs TAM: $42bn
SAM market share40%20%30%
SAM value$16.8bn$8.4bn$12.6bn
Non-insulin-related drugs TAM: $27bn
SAM market share38%20%28%
SAM value$10.26bn$5.4bn$7.56bn
  1. Total accessible market (TAM) and serviceable accessible markets (SAM) for anti-hypertension drugs, anti-coagulant drugs, insulin-related and non-insulin-related drugs. The TAM corresponds to the total global market, while the SAMs are indicated for the three major trading blocks