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Table 3 Characteristics of semi-structured interviews

From: RETRACTED ARTICLE: Social entrepreneurship and social enterprise phenomenon: toward a collective approach to social innovation in Tunisia

Social entrepreneurs Social enterprise activities Social value created Characteristics of the social entrepreneur Date and duration of interviews
ES1 Founder of a guest house in the heart of the Medina of Tunis Safeguarding the architectural heritage
Preservation of the last trades of Tunisian crafts
Fellow Ashoka
City councilor
Active member of the network of Tunisian social entrepreneurs
September 2017 (2 h) April 2018 (1 h)
June 2018 (1 h)
February 2019 (1 h)
ES2 Founder and manager of a company manufacturing heat-insulating clothing for infants and children Innovative textile product
Employees are single mothers
Social entrepreneurship trainer
National and international speaker
September 2018 (2 h) Janvier 2019 (1 h 30)
ES3 Artisan couturier Safeguarding craftsmanship
Recruitment of employees in precarious situations
Member of the Tunisian social entrepreneurs network
National and international representative of social entrepreneurs
June 2018 (1 h 30)
  1. Source: Author