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Table 1 Interviewees list

From: Clusters as institutional entrepreneurs: lessons from Russia

Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster (KFK)—pharma and biotech, Kaluga region Innokam—automotive and petrochemicals, Republic of Tatarstan
• PAM founder—serial entrepreneur in the field of biotech, formerly an academic, currently manages, and runs the “Park of Active Molecules” (PAM)
• Head of University department—academic in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry at the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute)
• Chairman of the cluster Board of Directors—a “Big Pharma” representative (holds a top management position at the Kaluga subsidiary of AstraZeneca)
• Cluster organization representative—Executive director of “Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster” (KFK) association
• Regional government official—Director General at the “Agency for innovative development—Centre for cluster development of the Kaluga region”
• High-tech SME owner-manager—entrepreneur (business process management, digitalization for manufacturing companies), formerly an academic
• Academic, high-tech entrepreneur—lecturer, researcher at Kazan National Research Technical University, runs an R&D services company
• Chairman of the cluster HR committee—representative of one of the cluster’s “anchor” companies (Ford-Sollers), HR director
• Cluster organization representative 1—Vice-president of “Innokam” association
• Cluster organization representative 2—Head of the Innovation Development Service at “Innokam”
• Regional government official—Director at the “Centre for Cluster Development of the Tatarstan Republic”