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Table 1 Reliability test

From: Exploring factors that determine the innovation of micro and small enterprises: the role of entrepreneurial attitude towards innovation in Woldia, Ethiopia

Variables Items Cronbach’s alpha Number of removed items after factor analysis
Value Items
Entrepreneurial attitude EtAt1, EtAt2, EtAt3, and EtAt4 0.860 4 EtAt5
Access to infrastructure AcInf7, AcInf6, AcInf8, and AcInf9 0.804 4 AcInf10
Government support GovSup12, GovSup14, GovSup13, GovSup15 0.915 4 GovSup11
Leadership of the owner LeadOw16, LeadOw17, LeadOw19, LeadOw18, and LeadOw20 0.921 5 LeadOw21
Entrepreneurial training EntTr23, EntTr24, and EntTr25 0.864 3 EntTr22
Innovation of MSEs InnMSE26, InnMSE27, InnMSE28, InnMSE29, InnMSE30, and InnMSE31 0.905 6