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  1. Research

    Entrepreneurial interest and academic performance in Nigeria: evidence from undergraduate students in the University of Ibadan

    Entrepreneurial interest among the youth population is a panacea for unemployment especially due to high turnout of educated individuals in the labour force. This paper provides findings on the factors that de...

    Uche A. Osakede, Akanni O. Lawanson and Deborah A. Sobowale

    Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2017 6:19

    Published on: 27 September 2017

  2. Commentary

    The successful innovations of the affordable care act of 2010

    The purpose of this article is to describe the innovative strategies that were used to develop the first National health insurance program in the United States. The first innovative provisions was the developm...

    Ronald D. Hester

    Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2017 6:18

    Published on: 5 September 2017

  3. Research

    The Vitruvian Man of Leonardo da Vinci as a model of innovative entrepreneurship at the intersection of business, art and technology

    The vital role of entrepreneurship for economic growth and its impact for job creation in mature and developing economies is widely recognized and quantified (OECD, Entrepreneurship and Business Statistics, 20...

    Mariella C. Remund, Marta Peris-Ortiz and Hans-Jurgen Gehrke

    Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2017 6:17

    Published on: 14 August 2017

  4. Research

    Community-based entrepreneurship: evidences from a retail case study

    Community-based entrepreneurship is considered to be an important instrument for the realization of potential among marginal and deprived communities isolated from the mainstream economy and is important in br...

    Sazzad Parwez

    Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2017 6:14

    Published on: 11 July 2017

  5. Short report

    Generative art for all

    Generative art is created by a system that operates autonomously, or semi-autonomously, rather than directly by the artist. The artist creates the system and establishes parameters that affect the outcome, but...

    Michael Tempel

    Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2017 6:12

    Published on: 13 June 2017

  6. Research

    Making and breaking in an art education makerspace

    In this article, the author will outline the process of setting up a makerspace in an art education program on a US university campus. The challenges that were encountered will be discussed, as will the succes...

    Robert W. Sweeny

    Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2017 6:9

    Published on: 9 May 2017

  7. Research

    Challenges and prospects of entrepreneurship development and job creation for youth unemployed: evidence from Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa city administrations, Ethiopia

    This research paper is on youth employment and entrepreneurship. It has investigated a total of 3591 youths in two different geographical areas of Ethiopia. Entirely, it has taken three specific villages: Melk...

    Abel Tewolde Mehari and Christian Feleke Belay

    Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2017 6:11

    Published on: 27 April 2017

  8. Short report

    E-textile tooling: new tools—new culture?

    The maker movement in recent years has shed light on the blurring boundaries between crafts, creativity, and technology. Tools are a key part of the creation process, shaping both our process of making and the...

    Irene Posch

    Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2017 6:10

    Published on: 24 April 2017

  9. Research

    Leadership in innovation projects: an illustration of the reflective practitioner and the relation to organizational learning

    The purpose of this conceptual article is to demonstrate that Donald Schön’s Reflective Practitioner actually outlines an explicit model of the steps that project leaders in practice apply largely unaware. This r...

    Peter R. A. Oeij, Jeff B. R. Gaspersz, Tinka van Vuuren and Steven Dhondt

    Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2017 6:2

    Published on: 21 January 2017

  10. Research

    Does innovation promote economic growth? Evidence from European countries

    The paper examines the long-run relationship between innovation and per capita economic growth in the 19 European countries over the period 1989–2014. This study uses six different indicators of innovation: pa...

    Rana P. Maradana, Rudra P. Pradhan, Saurav Dash, Kunal Gaurav, Manju Jayakumar and Debaleena Chatterjee

    Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2017 6:1

    Published on: 10 January 2017

  11. Research

    Are we ready to adopt mobile money in non-profit sector?

    Mobile money has grown rapidly in the past few years. It has contributed to greater financial inclusion for the poor and unbanked, bringing millions of people into a formal financial system. Despite the increa...

    Fakir Md Yunus, Safayet Khan, Tanjilut Tasnuba, Paroma Afsara Husain and Amanda Joy Misiti

    Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2016 5:32

    Published on: 5 December 2016

  12. Commentary

    The powerful ideas of making: building beyond the curriculum

    In this paper, rather than consider how fabrication technologies and maker activities can be directly matched to existing standards or allow for more efficient content coverage, I position making as a network ...

    Nathan Holbert

    Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2016 5:30

    Published on: 11 November 2016

  13. Research

    Sex differences in entrepreneurs’ business growth intentions: an identity approach

    The present empirical study explores the effects of gender role and cultural identity (masculinity and femininity) in mens’ and womens’ business growth intentions in established firms. A questionnaire survey w...

    Leonidas A. Zampetakis, Maria Bakatsaki, Konstantinos Kafetsios and Vassilis S. Moustakis

    Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2016 5:29

    Published on: 18 October 2016

  14. Research

    The influence of social capital on opportunity emergence and exploitation: a comparison of portfolio and serial entrepreneurs

    Habitual entrepreneurs are a frequent and important phenomenon in entrepreneurship and for the economy. We lack, however, a systematic understanding of the advantages or disadvantages of multiple business owne...

    Christian Lechner, Florian Kirschenhofer and Michael Dowling

    Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2016 5:28

    Published on: 30 September 2016

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