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Table 2 Dimensions of innovation radar. Source (Vikas, 2012a, Täuscher, 2016, 2017, 2018, Ghezzi et al., 2018, Van Dijck et al., 2018)

From: Literature review on business prototypes for digital platform

Dimension Description Examples
Offerings Product or services that is developed and offered. Gillette, Apple Ipod
Platform Use common components or building blocks. General Motors, Disney
Solutions Create integrated and customized offerings to solve customer issues. UPS logistics
Customers Find unmet customers’ needs and new customer segments. Green Mountain Energy
Customer experience Make the customer interaction entirely new at all touch points. Washington Mutual Occasio retail banking concept
Value capture Reinnovate the way company earns revenues. Google paid search
Processes Redesign the core operations taking place in the company to make it more efficient. General Electric Design for Six Sigma
Organisation Organise the firm in a new form and function. Cisco partner-centric networked virtual organization
Supply chain Numerous methods are available for delivering the products/services, a unique one should be thought of. General Motors Celta use of integrated supply and online sales
Presence Create new and different ways in which offerings and promotions can be used by cutomers. Starbucks music CD sales in coffee stores
Networking Use new networking methodologies to intergrate offerings. Otis Remote Elevator Monitoring service
Brand Use a brand as a leverage into new domains. Yahoo! as a lifestyle brand.